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I watched my last episode (The Bounty Hunter):

And I found these two ASJ themed businesses.  (Yes, really!)

Alias Smith and Jones Pawn

Alias Smith and Jones - A Dining Experience
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It's reminder time again:)
If you want your ASJ stories listed at the Stories 'n Stuff webpage, simply look for the link listed here at the com's home page (left side, entitled POST YOUR LINKS) and leave me a link, title, and whether it's slash or gen. I've updated a few links on the webpage today, either because I got an email from you or because you gave me blanket permission to do so with all your stories, but I'm sure there's more to be added. If you see anything screwy at the page, a bad link or something, drop me a note here.

And as to the SnS webpage story links, I think I'll leave off drabbles and dble drabbles, if that's good by you guys. I'm thinking maybe a 500 word count minimum.

Thanks, guys, for keeping our small fandom alive. Anybody want to suggest/organize fic challenges or whatever here, please feel free. I know there was mention made of a mustache challenge, and I think I remember something about that - I'm thinking it was at the Make Believe archive? Not sure.
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Hi everybody:)
If you have any more stories you'd like me to link to at http://asj.kassidyrae.com/, just reply here with links, story names and whether they are gen/slash and I'll take care of it.
Sorry last time the update took so long - I had issues;)
P.S.: Jojo, I've written you about your stories, hope to talk soon!
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Well, if you remember, I was going to link your ASJ stories to the ASJ webpage. But then I had problems getting my simple little web program to work with Vista. It isn't working with Windows 7, either, but I figured a work-around, so the stories are listed now (finally). They're here:
Let me know if I've gotten any links wrong. I don't think so, but I screw up aaalll the time.
If you have other stories you'd like me to link to the webpage, just drop a note at the post where I requested links:
thank you for being patient, guys. Also, Georgie if you read this, could I post a link to your fandom overview (if it's up yet?)
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If any of you who have posted stories would like your work linked to the ASJ page (here: http://asj.kassidyrae.com/), just drop a line here with the link and I'll take care of it. Thanks!
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I have a bunch of wallpapers and scans of articles on Pete, Ben and Roger up on my site, Raspberry World, in case anyone wants to take a peek.

They haven't been updated in a while but I just got a bunch of stuff so I'll work on getting those scanned and put up pretty quickish.

Just click on the Gallery link on the top of the page and all of the ASJ stuff is on page two.

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I recently heard from Karen Davis. She's busy at work on new fics! She has a new website: http://stories.the-ridges.net/ , and has already posted four new TAT fics. She's going to try to work on three fics at once when she goes on vacation later this summer. No word on "Seven Days in Paradise" (AS&J) specifically, but I will ask since her site does say that she will begin work on it this summer.
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Over the last few months, I've been trolling the web looking for ASJ sites and fanfic. Here's the list of sites that I've found.

(NOTE: I've been meaning to post these, but I was waiting until I had a complete list, but since that's probably never going to happen :-), I've decided to post what I have.)

Read more... )

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I've been looking for sites for ASJ fiction and I've found a few. I wonder if anyone has visited http://www.aliassmithandjonesfanfic.com/ and if so, can you recommend some of the stories? Or if you haven't but you do, let us know what you think:)

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Speaking of this being a quiet community...

Does anybody know where there is some activity ASJ-wise going on anywhere on the net? Either posting of fanfic, or discussions, or whatever...
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I picked this up off Karen's website - see the new note at the end? 
I really really hope this will happen!

  • Seven Days in Paradise: Two men looking for a holiday... but things just aren't that simple. First there was the Lady, then the blizzard, and then the murder...
    PG13 - 202b / 33,969 words (so far) hiatus - will be picked up summer 2007


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    Wow, I'm so just getting the hang of this...and I never thought of myself as a computer iliterate but lately....

    Anyway, hello ASJers! Some of you probably know me from the other boards but if you don't, I'd like to post a link to my website http://www.fannishdreams.com. I have three ASJ stories there right now, 1 slash, 1 could be if you wanted it to be and one gen.

    I also have a kinky number over at World of Make Believe if your tastes run that way. http://www.squidge.org/~peja/cgi-bin/categories.php?catid=385&parentcatid=385.

    I hope you'll read and enjoy if you haven't already. I'd love to talk fan fic if anyone else is interested.

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    It occurs to me that some of you may not know of the web sites out there. So I thought I would post a few.

    This site has tons of images. From the show. Individual galleries. sound bites.

    This is Deb's site most famous for the hilarious Snarkathon.

    This is Lisa's image library. She has painstakingly gone through several of the episodes and grabbed frame shots. She has also put up a bit of dialog to go along with a particular screen shot. Could come in handy thinking of clever things to say for icons. Like an image of the boys looking weary with Curry's line: "This ain't been our best day."

    my intro

    Mar. 29th, 2005 01:43 pm
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    I just realized this community was formed a few days ago. I looked when I first signed up to LJ back in Sept 2004. I guess it is a good sign that there is a community now. The reshowing of episodes recently on Starz Westerns is bringing out the fans. Alias Smith and Jones was my first fandom. My sis was asking me one day back in the late 90's about Pete's suicide; I had just come online and decided to do a Yahoo! search (there was no Google then). Anyway, I came across several yahoo! groups and fell head first into fandom.

    I do adore Pete's Heyes. I can barely tolerate Roger in the role. I have watched some of the Roger eps, but the chemistry is not there. It is like they are trying too hard for something that came naturally between Pete and Ben. I don't really follow the actors though. I have seen bits and stuff of each of the actors work in other projects. I am not impressed. I think they were made for these roles and AS&J is about the limit of my interest in their careers.

    Anyway, I just realized today that there were posts in this community and thought I would chime in. I do have an episode website (http://www.asjscenes.com/) that I have been working on for years. I am a student now and do not have the time I need to really focus on finishing the job. The reshowing of episodes has regenerated my motivation, so I hope that I will get back to it soon.

    I have a vidder friend ([livejournal.com profile] recycledmedia) who I just sent all the Pete episodes on disk and hope to convince to make a vid for pimping the fandom. Also, I don't know if any of you are in asjfans at yahoo!, but there is a vidder there who is having a premiere of her as&j vid at connexions this weekend. I am trying to get her to post here when she puts the vid online.

    I also have a friend who makes icons ([livejournal.com profile] abelladonna). She made my two. I can try to get her to make some more as&j icons for the community if anyone is interested.

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