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Needle in the Hay - Alias Smith and Jones by bluemeany

New to the fandom here:-) And I come with a music video.

My Dad showed me AS&J on VHS tapes as a kid in the 90s. I remember it being about two happy-go-lucky heroes; full of fun and sunshine. It was very cool.

Aged 6, Kid Curry was always my favourite.

However, British TV is showing a re-run at the moment and now... well ...Pete Duel is definitely who I'm watching. Similarly, the whole programme has a complexity and shades of darkness that weren't there before. It is still, however, very cool.

The video tries to convey what I see now.
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I've managed to finish another Alias Smith & Jones fanvid. This one is set to Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, the acoustic version. This song seems like such a marvelous fit for the two of them as it describes their circumstances perfectly.

As you've probably already noticed, I'm a big fan of dialogue in vids and I've tried to use the empty spaces in the song to that effect. Not sure I exactly stuck with the theme of the video with all the dialogue I used, but at the time it seemed to fit.

I don't think I'm entirely happy with this vid, but I also don't think I can edit it any more without messing it up. Hopefully, it's good enough to bring enjoyment to some AS&J fans. And so, here it is, the Alias Smith & Jones boys in "Wanted Dead or Alive".

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My vidding muse for Alias Smith & Jones has struck again. This time I've gone for a slower approach with Jewel's version of Simple Gifts, prefaced by Pete's version. I'm still learning the program, but this time I've included clips from quite a few episodes. Hopefully it showcases the two most successful outlaws in the west well enough and lets us see a softer, gentler side of them. I hope you all enjoy. Thoughts and constructive criticism are welcome.

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Yep, all it takes is a new fandom to get you interested in graphics, fanvids, & fanfic again. So here I am after at least two years since I made a vid trying to learn a new program on a new computer, etc...It hasn't been easy, but I don't think the result turned out too bad. To make it easier on myself I just took the first episode and worked with that.

And so, here is "Against the Grain", my tribute to the Alias Smith & Jones pilot episode.

Also linked at my journal entry here.
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here is the url, just click on the link. Select which file you'd like to view and please remember to right click and 'save target as...' to your computer.


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