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I recently re-read this story. I love it on so many levels. "The Safe," by Bardicvoice. (links: http://archiveofourown.org/works/94481 or http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3626689/1/The_Safe)

This is my favorite part, perhaps my favorite ASJ fic quote ever:

"Heyes wasn't talkin'. He wasn't eatin', either, except when I made him. I'd seen him low before plenty of times, but never for this long. You gotta understand, Heyes had more ups an' downs than most men. Oh, he was pretty naturally sunny most the time, but when his skies clouded over, he could get so low that nothin' mattered to him."

I love this view of them. The feeling that comes through for me is that Kid is the emotional anchor. Heyes having those ups and downs, and his wild ideas, is sort of…protected by the steadying influence of Kid, who’s quietly concerned about him, going along with his plans. I don’t know if it’s canon or even fanon, but I love that view of them. I’d like to read more stories like that. :-D

Also, I’m searching for a fic I read awhile ago. I’m re-reading some of my favorites, and I don’t remember where I read this one. In this pre-series story story, Heyes gets injured, and ends up helping some poor farmers or ranchers who are in a range war with a powerful (and evil) company or person. Kid is working for the other side as a hired gun (but didn’t realize what he was getting into when he signed up). They meet up in a barn, by accident, and Kid is mad at Heyes, and they haven’t seen each other in ages. (This is all just at the end of their separation period.) They end up working together to save the day. I remember this story fondly and would like to re-read it.
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Since I've gotten the 2nd & 3rd season dvd's one of my favorite episodes has become Jailbreak at Junction City. I love pretty much everything about it. But there is one little bit that I don't understand and, though it makes me laugh anyway, I would love to know what the actual meaning is.

At the start of the show, when Heyes and Curry are sending the telegraph to Big Mac, Heyes asks "How do you spell Sioux?" And the telegraph operator tells him S I O U X, which Heyes writes down. Later on in the show Big Mac's telegraph says "Glad you don't have a Sioux, they can be dangerous." For some reason this exchange always makes me laugh, because I take it as a misunderstood word in the telegraph.

Does anyone else have any idea what is going on in this exchange. Is there some other meaning to Sioux that is lost on Big Mac, or is Heyes misunderstood when he asks for the spelling? ? ?


Apr. 10th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Well, this community has been quiet for a while.. so how about we wake it up a bit, eh?

Here's a question for everyone:
What are you favorite quotes from the show?

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