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Alias Smith and Jones

...pretty good bad men...

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Name:Alias Smith and Jones
Website:Alias Smith and Jones community
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Into the West rode many men...

...And here's the community for those of us that love two of them.

The Basics-

You can post fanfic, pictures, manips, news, and discussions.

This is a pro-slash community and I won't apologise for that, you don't have to be a slasher, but you must be tolerant.

Flames will not be put up with in any way, shape, or form. Let's just all play nicely. However constructive criticism is very much encouraged.

Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones

Playing it Straight was Never this Crooked.

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alias smith and jones, amnesty, asj, banks, ben murphy, big jim santana, big mac mccreedy, clementine hale, dennis fimple, devils hole, devils hole gang, earl holliman, fanfic, gen, guns, hannibal heyes, harry briscoe, harry wagener, het, heyes/curry, j d cannon, joshua smith, kid curry, kyle murtry, latter-day robin hoods, lobo, money, montana red dog, outlaws, pete duel, pierce and hamilton, poker, roger davis, safes, sally field, sheriff lom trevors, silky o'sullivan, slash, smith/jones, soapy, thaddeus jones, trains, walter brennan, westerns, wheat carlson, wheat/kyle, whiskey
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