May. 30th, 2007

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This is my response to the pilot challenge. Want to thank Kassidy for the beta and honeybones for offering to look it over for me. I've made changes and all mistakes are strictly my own. Never done a cut before. Hope this works.

Corinna J

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I picked this up off Karen's website - see the new note at the end? 
I really really hope this will happen!

  • Seven Days in Paradise: Two men looking for a holiday... but things just aren't that simple. First there was the Lady, then the blizzard, and then the murder...
    PG13 - 202b / 33,969 words (so far) hiatus - will be picked up summer 2007


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     I thought I might post an equivalent challenge for the Pilot episode for the artists here at ASJ LJ

    1-5 icons from the Pilot, with text or quotes from the episode (or you can do icons for one/some of the stories written for the Pilot fanfiction challenge, too)

    graphics/font work for the Pilot episode or for one of the stories written for the Pilot fanfiction challenge, such as a banner, a title page or a header with color and appropriate fonts 
    a manip or artwork (like a photoshopped screen grab) or illustration for either the Pilot episode or the fiction story you select

    Any other ideas, feel free to add them to comments. Any challenge I post is intended to be flexible, so you can do what you want with it and hopefully have some fun:)

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