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I have finally finished my "Heyes as Trickster" essay. It's over here if you want to go read it!
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Go comment on the icons and cast your vote before I sic some velyr on youse guys! ROFL

Here's a good, funny essay I came up with -- Horoscopes for Heyes and Curry!
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Obviously, most of us prefer the original Hannibal Heyes to the imposter later substitution. That being said, how does one go about enjoying the final season of ASJ? Is there any way for a Heyes-loving man or woman to even watch the later shows?

To truly get that ASJ experience, one should watch the entire show, including the later episodes. But how can you get through the shows without that little voice in your head whimpering for the real Heyes? There are several methods.

The most common method is simple denial - that's not Heyes, but his cousin, who also happens to be named Hannibal. Hannibal Heyes is actually quite a typical name back in Kansas! The original Hannibal Heyes was granted amnesty first, and Kid Curry didn't want to mess that up by hanging around him after he was free and clear, so he took up with his cousin instead. The trouble with this method is that it's about as believable as the above explanation. Your brain just won't buy it.

Another method is not to watch it, but just turn the sound on in the background. That works even less than the not-watching-anything-but-Pete-episodes method. Roger Davis sounds nothing like Heyes - let's be honest, his voice is lovely and deep, but listening to ASJ episodes just makes it sound like the show's narrator is reading all of Pete's lines, and your mental editor stops short and goes "WTF?"

The best method is as follows.

1. Choose an episode. This way you know ahead of time roughly what's going to be going on, and your mental editor is already planning the way Heyes will work in the show. You need to do this soon enough after watching the Petepisodes that your mental editor has a fresh stock of Petexpressions and Pete-mannerisms to draw upon.

2. Pull up a window to an ASJ website if you are watching on your computer, or pull out your handy copy of the ASJ book if you have a DVD player. Have plenty of photos of the original Heyes that you can quickly shift your eye to, if your mental editor's focus slips.

3. Start the show. You should have the volume a little lower than you normally set it, so that you can more easily ignore the voices if you need to.

4. Pay attention to the camera shots so you can anticipate.
4.a. On long shots, focus your sight on the Kid, and let Heyes stay in your peripheral vision.
4.b. On close up shots of Heyes, focus on any object in the background, or just to one side of Heyes.
4.c. In last resort, focus on your additional photos in the book or online window.

5. Watch and listen with only part of your attention - this is the key to the entire method - at all times, point out to your mental editor that "it's really the original Heyes there, I'm just not really watching very closely, so it might not look like him sometimes."

6. Allow your mental editor to swap Original-Pete-Heyes for ImpostorSubstitution-Heyes. Again, if you experience any difficulty, give your editor another of the Original-Heyes photos to look at for a moment.

7. With the rest of your attention, show the mental movie that would have resulted had Pete made this episode.
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Our boys are mentioned, luvs.. it's a good article, too. Think you'll like it.

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