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artwork/icon/manip challenge relating to the Pilot

 I thought I might post an equivalent challenge for the Pilot episode for the artists here at ASJ LJ

1-5 icons from the Pilot, with text or quotes from the episode (or you can do icons for one/some of the stories written for the Pilot fanfiction challenge, too)

graphics/font work for the Pilot episode or for one of the stories written for the Pilot fanfiction challenge, such as a banner, a title page or a header with color and appropriate fonts 
a manip or artwork (like a photoshopped screen grab) or illustration for either the Pilot episode or the fiction story you select

Any other ideas, feel free to add them to comments. Any challenge I post is intended to be flexible, so you can do what you want with it and hopefully have some fun:)
cycnus39: (Hmm S&J)
[personal profile] cycnus392006-02-15 05:46 pm
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Maniping along

Well, I fancy I needed a new icon but, alas, came up empty. Brokenhearted, I decided to play at a bit of maniping instead. The result is behind the cut. Can you sopt the difference between it and the ASJC original?

Spot the difference )