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I made a post on my LJ to introduce a friend to ASJ. :) Feel free to correct details that I might've got wrong, though I think and hope I got most of it correct. :D

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Hi all! I've been a member for a while, but I've been very shy about de-lurking. But! I just recently got my Season Two/Season Three dvd set, have been watching Season Two episodes again for the first time since I was a little kid, and I'm even more in love with Heyes and Curry than ever before, so I thought it might be time to jump in. :)

I'm a slash fan at heart, but I also love and appreciate just the pure friendship of these guys, so I enjoy fanworks both slash-oriented and gen in nature. Basically, I just can't get enough of them in any form! As sort of an introduction to me and my ASandJ thoughts/memories, I have an old post and mini-pic spam (from about two years ago when I tried - and failed, lol - to suck people from my flist into the show) here: If there was one old fandom I could make bigger, I'd choose... Alias Smith & Jones. Hands down.

I'll put the little gif I made behind a cut so I don't slow down the loading of people's friends page too much... )

So, anyway - Hi, Hi! I'm really hoping to have something to contribute to this great little fandom soon - hopefully fanart? ♥
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How about posting up a favorite screencap for each of the characters you like in episodes 1 and 2? It can be any character you like, even a guest. And tell us why you like it.

EDIT: And you can Photoshop it or "art" it up for fun, too, if you want.

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Puppy Puppy

True love True love

Weighing options Weighing options

Awww Awww

Kiss me quick hat needed Kiss me quick hat needed

Close enough Close enough

Any other requests?

More caps

Feb. 23rd, 2006 10:20 pm
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Wanna take him home Wanna take him home

Hands Hands

Concentrating Concentrating

A fair division of labour A fair division of labour

Domestic bliss Domestic bliss


Feb. 23rd, 2006 04:45 pm
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I've always been disappointed at the range of caps of Heyes in the bath found online, so, in a capping mood, I made some caps:

(Note the different expression here.)
Heyes Bath Heyes Bath

Heyes Bath Bliss Heyes Bath Bliss

Heyes & Suds Heyes & Suds

There are more and I think I'll have a go at an animated icon of Heyes in the bath next. Also, if anyone has a scene they'd liked caps of, speak up now and be fulfilled. :-)
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Thanks to lelise, I had my first lesson in PowerDVD screen grabs. Sample my skills.

Six Strangers at Apache Springs )

Heyes: I like it when you worry Kid. I can trust you to look after me better.

Six Strangers at Apache Springs Part Deux )

Curry: Well Heyes, I don't have a gun and in Spanish, your tongue isn't silver.
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Hey, first off thanks to everyone for all the lovely complements, I'm sorry I didn't reply immediately, but I was out of town.

The full 'Pete naked chest' looks like this-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And, yeah, I kinda cheated a little as it isn't technically Heyes, it's apparently from 'Generation'. BTW I got many of the shots I used from here- http://www.peteduel.info/, a site very much worth a look.

As for other queries- no particular reason why I haven't done a Kid-gun-stance icon, I was just using the pictures I had to hand at the time. I'll have a go at one soon.

And yes these are free to everyone, credit not necessary, I'm just glad if they are enjoyed, and feel free to alter them how you like.

Just a couple more )

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