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I've been missing Kid and Heyes of late--and pondering which could be even loosely construed as a Christmas episode. Obviously, since they were supposedly holed up in the cabin for nearly six months in Night of the Red Dog, December 25th must have occurred during that time, but the men were playing too much poker to notice--or were they?

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First ... some photos. Nobody has dimples like Pete Duel had dimples, so don't even expect to find any more like that! Matt seems to tilt his head so that his right-side dimple is hidden in most poses I've seen.


I also have an entry for the Kid role ... I know he's not everyone's cuppa, but he has been suggested for the role. NO idea what has become of the remake idea, but he's been approached, and he has done westerns, and he is great in a comedy role ...


You can begin the argument debate now!
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I vote Jason Segel as Kid Curry

and Matthew Bomer as Hannibal Heyes.

Okay, hair / eye color is not perfect, but I see a certain something in each of these actors that matches

Agree? Disagree?

What do you think? :D

*...realizes an actual casting call for a remake is a daydream at best...*
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Hey, first off thanks to everyone for all the lovely complements, I'm sorry I didn't reply immediately, but I was out of town.

The full 'Pete naked chest' looks like this-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And, yeah, I kinda cheated a little as it isn't technically Heyes, it's apparently from 'Generation'. BTW I got many of the shots I used from here- http://www.peteduel.info/, a site very much worth a look.

As for other queries- no particular reason why I haven't done a Kid-gun-stance icon, I was just using the pictures I had to hand at the time. I'll have a go at one soon.

And yes these are free to everyone, credit not necessary, I'm just glad if they are enjoyed, and feel free to alter them how you like.

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