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Here's a follow up discussion question to my last one...A lot of us mentioned Sally Field/Clementine as one of our favorite guest stars. For me it was because of her history with Pete, her chemistry with both of the boys, and her lovely personality. We never got a chance to see more of her, partially because of her schedule and I think also because of Pete's death. But the two episodes she was in gave us a few clues as to her relationship with the boys...Seemed like they were the perfect little menage a trois...or were they just friends? Do you think Clem had a preference for one or the other? More specifically, who do you see Clementine having a relationship with (Heyes, Kid, both, or none)?

In my mind she loved both of them and couldn't decide which one to be with. So I think originally she probably played a bit on both sides of the fence. Then (maybe my view is skewed by the second Peteless episode) I think she started to lean more towards Kid. I just think that she and Kid would've made a spectacular couple after that little stint as husband and wife. Which is funny because all during the first episode I'm so rooting for Heyes and her to get togehter, even though I know Pete thought of her as a little sister from their days on Gidget.

Oh well, maybe this question is more complicated than I thought...Anyway, what do you guys think?
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I'm so stuck. Here's what I have so far...

Any help / suggestions / contributions / whiskey would be greatly appreciated!

ETA: Changes are being made to the overview as suggestions are made.

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