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hey all, here's chapter one of a new story. I expect the rest of it will be finished in a day or two:) Not quite sure of the warnings yet, but there is torture. But there's banter, too, so...?
It's complete now, and too long for one LJ post.
Read it at a03 (warnings are in the tags)
This is for my bestest, C.

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(read the rest at a03)

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I watched my last episode (The Bounty Hunter):

And I found these two ASJ themed businesses.  (Yes, really!)

Alias Smith and Jones Pawn

Alias Smith and Jones - A Dining Experience


Jan. 2nd, 2013 08:09 am
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There's a new ABC-owned channel called Cozi that's showing AS&J. I was looking at the channel listing and stumbled upon "The McCreedy Bust". It's not wide screen or anything but ti's still fun to watch on broadcast TV.

They're also showing The Virginian so I'll have to keep an eye out for Pete and Ben's episodes.

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I've really been wanting to dive into ASJ lately--and it got me thinking. Which cities and states did they travel to? Sometimes we have a specific mention, sometimes it is very vague. The two most wanted outlaws in the west travel vast distances between episodes--and sometimes during the episode.

Wyoming (Return to Devil's Hole)

San Francisco, Ca--more than once, but at least when they visit Silky O'Sullivan

Some place in the California Sierra mountains --Night of the Red Dog, because they are panning for gold. Or was it done in any other state at that time?

Mexico--Santa Marta

Do we get any clues as to where Red Gap, Hadleyburg, Diablo Station and Junction City are?

Which border state does McCreedy live in? Arizona?

I think I recall mention of New Mexico, but can't remember which episode.
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I've added a totally diabolical Quotes Quiz to My Journal if you want to test your Ultimate ASJ Knowledge. *cue maniacal laughter*
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Episode: Journey to San Juan

This is one of those "love-it/hate-it" episodes for me. On the one hand, I love the way Our Boys look -- scruffy, shaggy, unshaven. This is an especially good Hair Episode. On the other hand, Claudine Longet's character annoys the hell out of me! I keep wanting somebody to slap her.

And we have the Hairpiece of Doom making yet another appearance )
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Did you ever notice in The Fifth Victim after Heyes gets shot and Curry checks him so worriedly, that Curry brushes something off Heyes' nose?

He does. It seemed like he would not be worrying whether Heyes had smuts on his face just then... so I thought it might be the actor brushing it off so the other fellas nose would not twitch.

Thoughts? :)
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I've owned my season one DVDs for several years now and never rewatched this episode since it ranks very far down my list of favorites. So I've had a resolution to watch it again since last summer. (See how quick I am on the uptake?)

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What do you think? I'm off to work
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How about a discussion question for us to get to know each other, and our favorite series, better.

Who is your favorite guest star on Alias Smith & Jones?

Personally, mine is a toss up between Sally Field and Walter Brennan...suppose I would have to go with Sally if I had to choose. How about everyone else?
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So, I've realised that for some reason, in my personal head canon, Heyes teaches the Kid to read. Anyone else have this idea floating around in their heads?

Might be the first episode, where he very naturally asks Heyes to explain the word 'amnesty', or all the fun they have with Heyes' book in the Season 2 episode 'Something to get hung about'.

So if anyone feels like a prompt and wants to make a li'l fic out of this, I'd be delighted. It's just something that I was thinking about. :)



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I wrote out some thoughts on these eps:

ep thoughts TMWMH:

Something to Get Hung About:

Backup Plan

By Allie
475 words
Related to "Jailbreak at Junction City."
gen- rated G
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I had two friends over and we watched ASJ--which made me all happy. I got to show off my shiny new DVDs. I had only watched part of The Day they Hanged Kid Curry, hadn't even looked over the other discs.
Imagine my surprise when I read the episode description for The Biggest Game in the West. Anyone who already has season 2 and 3 notice this?

answer under the cut~~

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I received my Season 2 & 3 dvd set over the weekend but just last night watched the first episode. I have to say that "The Day They Hanged Kid Curry" was absolutely wonderful. My friend who watched it with me and has watched all of Season 1 as well commented that it was the best Smith & Jones episode she'd ever seen. At a little over an hour I can see why this episode wasn't shown with the reruns on Encore Western. There seemed to be much more comedy in this episode. And after the initial Heyes/Curry meeting, which I felt was a bit out of character for Curry to be so insensitive to Heyes feelings, their interaction was spot on. I loved seeing them interact in this episode. Walter Brennan was so wonderful. He is such a genius. The plot kept me guessing and there were some wonderfully written scenes. This episode has definitely become one of my favorites. Can't wait to see more. :) 
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It's been quiet around here, so I wanted to liven things up. Kid and Heyes are often throwing their arms around each other, holding one another back, dusting each other off, taking care of each other--what's your favorite touchy, feely moment?

Naturally, I can't think of a one just now. Inspire me!
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It's one of my Top Six episodes: interesting (if somewhat implausible) plot, interesting characters, and lots of warm moments between Our Heroes. RD and BM seem (to me at least) to be quite at ease with each other in this ep.

This, not being a story, has not been betaed. Apologies for any linguistic inaccuracies.

Funny, slashy beginning )
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Howdy! Me again with another newbie question. Is the origin of the name 'Kid' ever addressed in the series? I do not remember any reference to it in Season 1. Is it ever touched on in the second season? Or is there other canon somewhere that tells us this info, and what about his 'real' name. Or did his parents not come up with one and just called him 'Kid' from day one?

I got this little plot bunny niggling at me and I keep tying to shake him...but you know how persistent those critters can be.

Thanks for the help. Oh and any insight into the name Hannibal would be appreciated as well.

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Well this was really quite fun in the end. Thanks to 

[personal profile] simonesa and [profile] tigerlily0 for sticking with me! 

Personally I didn't change my mind much about anything, except to maybe gain a *teeny* amount of *grudging* respect for Mr Davis here and there *g*  Overall, though, Roger's Heyes just lacked any of the warmth and dynamism of Pete's, and the chemistry never kicked in with Ben.  Occasionally they worked OK together, but you felt they never really cared for one another, either as actors or as the characters they were playing.  It's very striking to go back and watch the way Pete's Heyes *gazes* at the Kid sometimes .... and how much *lighter* Ben is when he's interracting with Pete. 

I'm looking forward so much to my season one DVDs arriving in a few weeks so I can wallow once more in the rightness of the *real* Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry .....


Favourite Ben and Roger eps

The Long Chase 
High Lonesome Country 
The Day the Amnesty Came Through 

What are we going to do next??  

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Episode 50 (S3E12)

Plot summary:
  The guys take a vacation and help a friend round up wild horses from a herd that runs on land claimed by a proud, stubborn old man.

"Why Mr Jones, you're so graceful for an outdoor man " (Beegee)

Other characters: Beegee (JoAnn Pflug); Sam Haney (Dana Elcar); Emma Sterling (Laurette Spang); George Sterling (John Kerr); Mark Tisdale (Dean Jagger); Bronc (Paul Fix); Belle Haney (Janet Johnson)

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Episode 49 (S3E11)

Plot summary
Smith and Jones are obliged to guard a key witness against a murdering rancher who has gone free from previous charges because the witnesses against him have disappeared

"We can't say no to Lom Trevors" (Hannibal Heyes)
"Why not? He always says no to us!" (Kid Curry)

Other characters:  Amos Sniveley (John McGiver); Cybele Sniveley (Brenda Scott); Lom Trevors (John Russell)

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