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For those of you who haven't bought either DVD set yet, it's just been announced that a complete series set will be released on October 19.

TVShowsOnDVD.com has all the information and a picture of the set.
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Afternoon Folks

Been mighty quiet around here so I thought I'd throw this out there and see if I get some nibbles.

I am so glad I purchased the Season One DVDs and have been enjoying them imensely. Couple of things that I'm sure you can set me straight on. After scrutinizing the scenes where the guys are out riding horses, I have come to the conclusion that they did most of their own riding on the show. Does anybody know anything about how often they used doubles for riding and/or stunts. *remembers she really needs to buy that behind the scenes book I say mentioned in an earlier post.

Also, I continue to be plesantly struck by the number of actors in gues roles that I recognize from my other favorite shows, MUNCLE and S&H. This morning I watched Journey from San Juan, and the Marshall at the border was played by the guy who played 'Zack" in Texas Longhorn (S&H). I'm sitting here in my living room and smiling and going "Hey, Zack!" (my cat has learned to ignore me talking to the TV).

It's like seeing old friends when that happens. If I was better at organizing and keeping track of that kind of stuff I'd try to do some sort of 'Crossover Compendeum' like Pepper did with the S&H one. But I'd go insane, I'm sure.

Anybody have any fave guest epesiodes?

I'm down to my last two eps on the DVDs, but still have the HULU eps to look forward to. Thanks for all the help on my journey.
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Hah! First off, I didn't realize I hadn't actually joined this group until I tried to post here, and found I couldn't. I quickly remedied that situation, I guess bookmarking the group doesn't automatically mean you join (duh).

Anyway I had to come and share my news with like-minded souls who will 'get it'...I recieved my Season One DVD's in the mail today. Squeeee! So, I'm asking you all, because you must know this already, are there any  'extras' in this release that I'll be able to enjoy?
Oh, and tell me which eps are you favorites and why (like which ones have good slashy scenes, and/or naked Curry scenes..) I'll be watching them in order, but it's good to know these things for future reference.

Gotta Go! DVDs are a'waitin. Squeeee!
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My DVDs arrived yesterday from Amazon.com and I'm so excited. I haven't seen any episodes since it was airing on CBN about 20 years ago. I quickly looked through the disks and it has 4 disks, 4 episodes per disk, except on disk 1 which has 3 episodes. The only extra is commentary by Glen Larson on the pilot, which apparently he recorded just recently specially for this DVD release.

I wonder if they'll release season 2? They didn't release season 2 on tape, did they?

:-) I'm so excited to sit down and start watching these this weekend.

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