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The first of these is in TV Action 103 (published in the UK in the early 70s), only 2 pages long, and the boys are "Thadius Smith and Aldous Jones," ha. (Click for full size)

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... and I like to share the results.

Take a look behind the cut. )
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Here are a few things I made today. I tried to give the boys a festive touch. Hope you like them.

ASJ art

Feb. 14th, 2011 08:03 pm
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My friend TLR (http://tlrbaycitylights.tripod.com/, http://sketchytlr.livejournal.com/) made this picture of the boys from ASJ. She gave me permission to share. :D

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The McGregor Bust


This is just the funniest (or do I mean "bunniest?") pastiche.... :D <3
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Although, I've loved Kid and Heyes for, well, a very long time...my mother taught me that newcomers are always more welcome if they bring a gift. *G*

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So what's next? A fic and/or art challenge for episode 3, Exit from Wickenburg?

BTW, does anybody know what that big wheel is called? The one on the righthand side of the picture, behind Kid Curry? It is like Wheel of Fortune or something?

ETA: I was just watching Smiler With A Gun, and at the beginning, at the 4th of July celebration, they had the wheel, and in front was a big sign. It said WHEEL, then somebody was standing in the way, and at the end was NCE. So my guess here is WHEEL OF CHANCE.

New Artwork

Jun. 9th, 2007 02:43 am
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Drew another illo. Was suffering AS&J snippet withdrawal so decided to drown my suffering in artwork. Hope somebody is working on a snippet or story! I have a snippet I'm going to post later once I play with it some more. Anyone else want to join me and post a little bit of story or snippet?

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Hope you all have a great weekend,

Corinna J
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A computer drawn and painted image. 
All the snuggle fic got me inspired. 

Tired )

Corinna J
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 I thought I might post an equivalent challenge for the Pilot episode for the artists here at ASJ LJ

1-5 icons from the Pilot, with text or quotes from the episode (or you can do icons for one/some of the stories written for the Pilot fanfiction challenge, too)

graphics/font work for the Pilot episode or for one of the stories written for the Pilot fanfiction challenge, such as a banner, a title page or a header with color and appropriate fonts 
a manip or artwork (like a photoshopped screen grab) or illustration for either the Pilot episode or the fiction story you select

Any other ideas, feel free to add them to comments. Any challenge I post is intended to be flexible, so you can do what you want with it and hopefully have some fun:)
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