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Jul. 18th, 2017 02:14 pm
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I got home from Nevada yesterday, had an excellent time at Con*Strict. A few of the regulars were missing, but it was good to see everyone else, and meet the one new attendee.

I love the pool in the morning, a chance to get some exercise and splash about before it gets too hot, so the morning swimming group was quite pleasant.

Had some good meals out, though the Japanese Steakhouse on Friday night was disappointing. We've eaten there several times, but they were definitely having a bad night. I think it took at least half an hour for everyone to get their meals, and they gave up by the time they finally reached Emu's, just bringing it out in a takeaway bag. But the Greek place, the Tavern Parkway, the World of Beer, and of course, breakfast at the Sunset Station, all yum. The Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Milk Stout at the Tavern, quite tasty.

Panels were interesting with many thoughtful comments, though also some fascinating differences in how people saw shows and certain characters. Wonder Woman made everyone happy.

Nine of us saw Spiderman on Saturday night, and everyone enjoyed it. I was very pleased that they skipped redoing the origin story, that Peter was so geeky and real, and that the villain was quite unique and more of a normal guy. Four people also saw Baby Driver and gave it two thumbs up.

I brought things, of course, as I always do, writing my thank you notes was the plan. I always think I will accomplish things in the downtime. Nope. I'm always tired and accomplish nothing useful. But I did bring my sneakers, as I always do, except this time, for the first time, I did make it to the tiny gym and treadmill twice. Working on being healthier, yay.

The flight attendant on the return home was a little disconcerting. I asked if the flight was full, and she said, "It is full. F. U. El. El." Then laughed, "Someone pointed out I shouldn't say it that way, someone might take it wrong." And started repeating it to the person coming in behind me. Very strange.

I walked out of the airport when I got home and into 90ish degree heat and was so happy. It feels so cool here compared to Nevada's 100s.

Three of the cats were in the living room waiting for me. New Cat didn't show until the evening. They're all happy I'm home.

I usually return to work on Tuesday but this time I took the rest of this week off. I think picturing that co-worker stressing because her family was going to the resort when it was supposed to rain (it didn't - they had a great time in the sun) and thinking about lounging and drinking hot chocolate infected me, and I felt like a break. I have a few things I'd like to accomplish, but I also intend to do some relaxing. Staycation, yay!

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Jul. 15th, 2017 12:15 pm
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I'm at Con*Strict. I went to the pool this morning at 7:00. Katbear was already swimming. Three people were by the pool, fully dressed. A white guy and gal were standing by a small table and a black guy was sitting in one of the chairs, his head buried in his hands, in a distressed fashion. The other two seemed to be encouraging him and got him to stand up and they all left.

I got slowly into the pool and commented to Katbear that it was very strange to see fully dressed people at the pool in the morning, she said that a few minutes before, a fellow had run by the fence that outlines the pool area, yelling, "Don't touch me!" So all kinds of weird happenings at way too early in the morning to be anything but barely functional to my mind.

IDK why, I want to bunny all that in some way, though nothing about it seemed cheerful or sexy. Maybe just the concept of things happening through the night?

Sometimes I get bunnies developed at cons, being around people talking about fanfic is inspirational. But other times I need too much of my brain just to get through the day. Staying social takes attention for me. So we shall see. But I want to keep this memory to think more about it.

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Jul. 10th, 2017 05:20 pm
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I was sorry and weirdly guilty to see that the actor who played Shinwell Johnson on Elementary passed away unexpectedly at the age of 39 for issues relating to heart failure.

I hadn't liked how the character was used on the show. Joan would nag him, and he'd shrug, and do what he was going to do, and then Sherlock would nag Joan for believing in him. I do not watch crime procedurals for nagging.

I don't know why I felt weirdly guilty all season for not liking his character. Certainly many people online seem to vehemently hate many characters and will expound in great and gory detail on why they're horrible.

The articles on his death all mention how much his flamboyant character was loved on True Blood. I wish they'd had him play a similar character on Elementary, though I suppose he wouldn't have wanted to be typecast. I do have True Blood, but haven't watched it yet. Thinking of starting on it, Twin Peaks, and American Gods this summer, which is already halfway done.

RIP, Nelsan Ellis.

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Jul. 9th, 2017 09:37 am
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It's getting too hot again, ugh, and Thursday I'm going to Las Vegas, where it'll be 110, ugh.

One good thing about sleeping with the AC on, the cats seem to know it's best to be cool, and are all indoors when I'm ready to go to bed. When I have the house opened, using the ceiling fans and Delta breezes, Skittish and Tabby take turns being difficult. Skittish wants to be chased around the backyard then run into the house by herself, which means leaving the back door open and trusting no one else will run out. Tabby wants to be chased around the backyard, caught, and then carried in like the sweet baby she is. Silly beasts.

I hope my fellow Americans enjoyed the holiday. The niece and nephew decorated their bikes and rode in the neighborhood parade, which ends at the park, where we wandered around and looked at booths for a while and the kids played games. I'd had a big breakfast and the organizers broke tradition by dumping the hot dogs for pizzas and tacos, so it was the first year we wandered back to our respective houses without lunch.

I made my edamame salad and finally successfully mastered Mom's country fudge frosting. It poured so smoothly and hardened to the perfect state of fudginess. I was so happy.

I'd rewatched Die Hard 4 recently, so curled up with Winter Soldier for the afternoon. The questions of liberty and security and how a democracy can be subverted seemed very relevant to these days.

Dinner at my sister's. A small group, Dad, two friends of mine, my BIL's niece, with her boyfriend and son, and of course, my sister, BIL, and the niece and nephew. It was the first year that the niece and nephew helped with lighting fireworks, and they're kids and energetic, and had to be re-told the same things multiple times, and it made me so nervous. I've never seen anyone injured by a firework, I don't know why I'm getting such a stress reaction about it, but I wished I'd followed Dad and used the pets as an excuse to go home early. Hopefully the novelty will have worn off next year.


NSFW Jul. 7th, 2017 01:04 pm
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